So I have finally decided to release my lightroom presets that I have been using since my start of my photography career. These presets leave your photos with a warm feeling and creamy skin tones. I am also releasing with this pack the preset that I use for all of my in home sessions. Each of these presets I use for all of my editing. Since they are basically one click edits I can keep a super fast turn around time for all my clients. Most adjustments are from temp and exposure. I also shoot AWB and dead on exposure. I hope you enjoy these and have much success!!




This preset keeps your skin tones creamy and helps keep greens more vibrant. It’s great for shooting around a lot of greenery. These images I messed with the temp, tint, contrast, and exposure sliders.



This preset is my go to everyday preset. This is the same one I have used on the majority of my outside images. It keeps images warm and gives warmth that invites you in. These images I adjusted the temp and exposure.


RS-02  “In Home”

This is my personal preset for all of my in home sessions each of the following images all I adjusted was exposure and temp.



I know I never post black and whites, I do however deliver them for weddings or when I feel it sets the mood. This preset is low contrast with smooth skin. These were not touched after the preset was applied.